Спечелете малко Soul Calibur V екстри

Inside Xbox (IXB) организират малка надпревара за всички фенове на Soul Calibur V, изисква се да имате играта, twitter акаунт и голяма доза въображение. Повече информация…

Consider the gauntlet officially thrown down. Inside Xbox is giving away a stash of geeky goodness in return for the very best SoulCalibur V character creation. To be in with a chance of winning simply enter the character creator and start piecing together your freaky fighter.

Think you’ve got what it takes to better Farrantula’s three, frankly creepy, Frankenstein monsters? If your spawn of SoulCalibur is chosen as our favourite you’ll win a signed Hori arcade stick, a SoulCalibur V Insert Coins t-shirt, two Bobble Head toys and a snazzy SoulCalibur V canvas.

To enter send a photo and a brief bio of your most twisted title contenders to our Twitter account @InsideXboxUK using hashtag #IXSCV.

Competition closes at 5pm on 18 February pulled your up to drawing board and get designing your abominations.


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